Can I Get a Payday Loan with Bad Credit?

Can I Get a Payday Loan with Bad Credit

A borrower’s credit history is the first thing that banks look at when considering a loan application. If it is good, then nothing else matters. But if you have performed poorly on your previous credit obligations, you can forget about borrowed funds.

Of course, you can try to get a loan with no credit check. But 99% of banks will finish the consideration of the application at this stage. And only 1% can approve a loan with a significantly increased interest rate.

It turns out that taking a loan with a bad credit history is a difficult task. A person who has made a mistake at least once has no way to correct the situation. Unfortunately, many Americans have spots on their credit history, and the reasons for bad credit history are divided into three large groups:

In the first two cases, it is not your fault, but you still cannot get a loan with a bad credit history. You will have to take a number of actions to prove your innocence and correct your credit history. In the first case, you need to contact the bank and insist on the proceedings, and in the second, you will have to deal with law enforcement agencies.

The third case, alas, is the most common: most often people want to get loans with delays and bad credit history. Some were really careless, while others were faced with factors they could not control. In fact, the reason does not matter because the result is the same – loans with poor credit history become unavailable.

More about credit history

Credit history is a record of all loans received and paid by a person. These records are kept in the Credit Bureau under the credit history subject code. The code is a combination of numeric and alphabetic characters to ensure data security.

Credit histories are usually kept by the Bureau for 15 years from the date of the last entry. Once a year, everyone has the right to receive a free extract from the Credit Bureau to check its condition. To do this, you need to send a letter of inquiry to the address of the Credit Bureau.

But suppose you know that your credit history is bad and you don’t need proof. You are more interested in whether you can get a loan with bad credit. Let’s try to figure it out.

How to get a loan with a bad credit history?

The fact that banks do not usually provide loans with bad credit does not mean that it is impossible. Fortunately, in addition to banks, there are also non-bank credit organizations, which are the way out for people with bad credit history.

There are two ways to take a loan with a bad credit history: small payday loans and secured (collateral) loans. In the first case, you can take a guaranteed loan with a bad credit history.

Many non-bank financial institutions offer small loans with any credit history, practicing their own loyalty programs. The person who successfully repaid the first loan gets the opportunity to increase the allowed limit. You can repeat this several times. A record of each loan goes to the Credit Bureau. So, moving from one small loan to another, a person gradually improves his/her reputation as a borrower.

But can I get a loan with a bad credit history if I need a large amount? Unfortunately, sometimes you do not have time to improve credit history quickly; you urgently need a large amount of money. In this case, you can only get a secured loan or a payday loan from an online lender.

You can apply for online payday loans in Illinois with no credit check. The company independently assesses the borrower’s solvency, without resorting to Credit Bureaus.

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