How Can I Pay Off My Loan Quickly?

how to pay a loan back fast

Monitor a payout schedule

The first step is to draw up a payment schedule and try to adhere to it as much as possible. Do a detailed analysis of your income and expenses.

Any of the above options will show when you can reduce spending in order to spend this money more profitably, namely, on the loan repayment. Try to avoid cases of delay in loan payments. Missing payments spoils your credit history, this can adversely affect the possibility of refinancing and issuing loans in the future.

Pay 10% more

Early repayment of the loan really helps to save on overpayments. It is not worth saving up for early repayment in order to repay the loan at once. Better to add a small amount to your payment every month.

Build up an insurance reserve

The insurance reserve is money for an unforeseen event. It is impossible to predict what may happen in the near future – job loss, disease and other force majeure circumstances.

In order not to miss subsequent loan payments, you must have an safety net. To do this, you can even purchase a piggy bank and add a certain amount to it every month.

Pay on time

In no case do not allow missing payments on loans, so that the amount of the monthly payment is not subject to penalties. Always calculate your deposit in advance.

Each loan has a date until which a minimum payment must be made. Otherwise, a commission will be charged on this amount, and you will have to pay more than usual for the current month.

To avoid this, you must not only remember the date by which you need to make the payment, but also prepare finances for the payment.

We also recommend setting a reminder on your smartphone or making an entry in the calendar about the required payment.

In many organizations, you can choose the date of payment yourself: choose a date approximately 7-10 days after your usual payroll. Thus, you will be able to transfer the debt immediately after getting your salary and will not be late in payment.

Pay off loans in turns

If you have several loans, then pay off the debts on all loans according to the schedule and focus as much as possible on one loan.

At the same time, begin to repay the loan, the interest on which is higher. Repayment of such loans will help minimize the amount of overpayments, and use the saved money to pay off other debts.

In addition, some banks and organizations offer the opportunity to reduce the monthly payment by extending the loan over a longer period. It is better to take advantage of this opportunity, put the saved money on early repayment.

Find new sources of income

If you want to pay off loans faster, then you should take care of increasing your own earnings or find a part-time job that will be fully focused on the purpose of repaying loans. Do you have a skill that can generate income?

You can also sell unnecessary items. Conduct an audit – they can buy anything from you – from an old washing machine to a baby stroller. What has been gathering dust on the balcony for years can bring you additional funds.

Remove currency risk

If your loan is in dollars or in another foreign currency, ask the financial institution to convert the loan into local currency. This will avoid unnecessary losses during exchange rate fluctuations.

Use refinancing options

If another financial institution has more favorable credit terms, then you can transfer your loan there. Alternatively, you can try refinancing your loan with a current financial institution.

You will need to calculate everything for this – for example, the size of the refinancing commission and the final loan cost.


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